The Restaurant, with menù À la carte and vegetables and dessert buffet, is renowned for its exquisite cuisine that keeps and renews the genuine taste of regional, national and international gastronomy. Breakfast, with a large buffet organized for the taste of everyone, is served in a bright and comfortable hall that make everyone be in a good morning mood.

Parma’s Province is internationally called the Food Valley because here there’s Love and  Culture for the good cuisine. Our Parmesan and our Ham are famous all around the world. Yet there is more: the cappelletti, the tortelloni, the gnocchi and the tagliatelle, the mixed boiled meat, the braised meat, the cotechini e the zamponi, the mushrooms, the red and white wines and at last the liqueurs home made as Nocino or Bargnolino. These all are a tradition of our table that make the palate be happy.