Well-Being Farm

Why not a visit to our health centre to make perfect, in the most relaxing way, your holidays?  You can find a covered swimming pool, sauna, body hydromassage and cervical hydromassage, a special phlebological swimming pool for legs.  If you want a relaxing and regenerating, bio-energetic or shatzu, massages, our physiotherapist is a your disposition.

For the fitness lovers there’s a small gym  and for those that are not able to stay away from the sun there is the solarium with sunbed and beach umbrella.

Wellness Treatments:

RELAXING WITH OILS – 50 min – € 48.00 A massage that acts on the autonomic nervous performed on the body to relieve muscle or joint pain and to tone the volume of certain tessuti.Inoltre, thanks to the extreme sweetness with which action is taken to actively stimulate breathing through the “frozen zones”, helps to preserve and improve the psychological well-being by easing tension and fatigue. 3 massages € 135.00 to 6 massages € 240,00

Shiatsu – 50 MIN – € 48.00 – It ‘s a treatment which aims to rebalance the body and mind, ease tension where there is an excess and nourish, tone and bridge where there is a shortage exploiting primarily the pressure of thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet. 3 massages € 135.00 to 6 massages € 240,00

FOOT MASSAGE – 30 MIN-€ 35.00 Natural Treatment to cure according to the principles of acupuncture and shiatsu: Each organ has its own reflection in another part of the body and with the instinct to search for balance, if it is stimulated causes an involuntary reaction and automatic search of strength and balance.

LYMPH – 50 min – € 48.00 Lymphatic drainage is one of the classical methods to reduce water retention and therefore reduce cellulite. Through the pressure is prevented the accumulation of waste elements and the stagnation of liquids in the vessels and is then stimulated blood circulation. Precisely for this reason it is also effective to alleviate edema and swelling in the legs. 3 massages € 135.00 to 6 massages € 240,00

Lomi Lomi – 50 minutes – € 52.00 The Polynesian Lomi Lomi massage is a dance movement; acting on the body bringing benefits to the lymphatic system, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and muscles. Within the massage particular attention is paid to the treatment of the joints. On the mental and spiritual, the Lomi Lomi provides relaxation by acting on the nervous system, and is intended to act as a bridge between body and spirit.

REIKI – 50 min – € 62.00 Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is managed by the “delicate imposition of hands” and is based on the idea that a “life force energy” flows through us to get directly into the body of the Treaty. Over the life force is low, the more we have the percentage of getting sick or being disequilibrati in terms of energy; more life force is high, the more certainty we have a body full of well-being and energy balance, such as to function in a regular manner at the level of flows, our chakras, which convey in a fair manner the energy needed for proper function daily.