history of the Tabiano’s Baths

The Tabiano’s Baths were known since ancient times, although to benefit from its properties were for centuries almost exclusively for pets, which were conducted until then to treat skin diseases. Human exploitation instead began towards the end of 700, after they were found strong giovamenti by a beggar who had the showy forms of dermatitis.

A few years later, in early 800, the first scientific studies were carried out on the waters that were revealed as among those with the highest concentration of sulphate and sulphurous gas in Europe and the world, which led the researchers to recommend their use not only for skin diseases but also to other diseases of the respiratory or gynecological order. In the wake of these studies, a certain Carlo Pasini Fidenza (then still called Borgo San Donnino) built a hut near the source, equipping it with four large wooden tubs. So it was that he saw the Tabiano the Duchess of Parma Maria Luigia of Austria, Napoleon’s second wife and frequent visitor to the thermal baths in Europe in 1837 when he went at the invitation of the parish priest, Fr James Calestani. The Duchess was greatly impressed by what until then was popularly called “water stench” and a few months after his first visit, he bought the land where once stood the source Pergoli (then called source Violi) and donated it to the Hospices Civils de Borgo San Domninus because there was built a spa. Plant was born on drawings by the architect Nicholas Bettoli (author of, among other things, the Teatro Regio di Parma): it was a building consisting of a central body and two symmetrical wings that contained 12 baths. Since then, Tabiano have developed a great unstoppable, thanks to the construction of a hotel (originally the residence of the Duchess Maria Luigia) and a road that connected Tabiano more accessible to Borgo San Donnino. They also began frequenting excellent, by Giuseppe Verdi by Giovanni Verga. In the years between 800 and 900, the property of the spa several times and changed every owner realized improvements, both in the establishment of infrastructure. In 1934, finally, the town of Salsomaggiore Terme became owner of the Baths knew that a further transformation in the 50s with the construction of a new plant and the drilling of the Arve, after the source Pergoli had proved inadequate for a user who in the meantime had grown exponentially. Since 2000, Tabiano are a S.p.A. owned by the town of Salsomaggiore Terme.